giving you back your free time

Pink Mako’s aim is to coordinate the needs of your airbnb, allowing for increases in revenue generated and leisure time. These will be achieved through the application of our expertise at no cost to you. We are committed to assisting you in taking the hassle out of managing your Airbnb. Here’s what we will provide:

  • Free photography
  • Free videography 
  • Free social media management 
  • Free website development

Take your time back, all while making more money.

What we offer:

Airbnb Coordination

  • Set up of your Airbnb account or an audit of your existing account.
  • Management of your Airbnb bookings, calendar and reviews.
  • Management of inbound inquiries from Airbnb listing.
  • Creation of welcome book.
  • Management of interior housekeeping.
  • Property consultation to improve your Airbnb. 
  • Initial photography and videography consultation


  • Professional interior photography.
  • Professional exterior photography.
  • Professional aerial photography.
  • These photos can be used for your website, social media and Airbnb listing. 


  • Professional interior videography.
  • Professional exterior videography.
  • Professional aerial videography.
  • These videos can be used for your website, social media, Airbnb listing and YouTube channel.

Social Media Management

  • Set up of social media accounts; this includes Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Audit of your social media if you already have existing accounts.
  • Minimum of 4 posts per month on each social media platform to drive traffic to your Airbnb account.
  • Management of inbound inquiries from social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

Web Design

  • Register your Airbnb website domain (
  • Website optimization (user friendly, loading speed, SEO, etc.)
  • Creation of your Airbnb website.

Additional Services

  • Transportation coordination at a discounted rate.
  • Lifestyle Specialist to assist guests with inquiries and recommendations.
  • Consultation to improve your Airbnb. 

Are you ready for your Airbnb to reach more people than ever before?



Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2018


Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2018